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All characters are fictitious.



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Cover Page: Career Design team (with images selected from

Image # 1: A bird's eye view of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Author: Khan Minhaz Imran (Wikimedia Commons)

Image # 2: Hatirjheel 2nd bridge, a tourist attraction within metropolitan Dhaka. Author: NahidSultan (Wikimedia Commons)


The world has transformed over the centuries. Whether we realise or not, every minute our environment is changing …..

Our socio-cultural-economic-political environment (i.e. our TOTAL ENVIRONMENT)

Whether we are heading towards the better or worse we probably know or we do not know …. (everyone has his/her own opinion on this matter)

But one fact is for sure – change is a continuous process, it is non-stop……

Some people are driving the change ….this category of people have always existed and will continue to exist …

What are the characteristics of this type of people? Why do they create the changes? What is their mental make-up? How do they think and how do they act?

Watch closely …. Shaheen Ahmed, the richest CEO in Bangladesh belongs to that category

He is adventurous, courageous, humorous and fun loving …



A brand new and expensive Mitsubishi Pajero arrives at the main entrance of Dhaka Club. A smart security guard approaches near the door of the car and …..  [a salute ]……. he opens the left side door of the car…. another security guard quickly rushes towards the car to the right side of it and gently opens the other door.

Two men walk out of the car. One is aged 61, wearing a very expensive T-shirt with a golden watch. The golden watch is so attractive that you have to notice – you cannot miss. The other one is aged 46 years, smart and handsome - wearing a white shirt and a light chocolate coloured full pant, with matching expensive brown shoes. They both look rich and elegant. Smartly they enter the club, sign the register at the reception and then enter the main lobby.

The main lobby of the Dhaka Club is a large and luxurious looking room where people are engaged in various types of activities, mostly drinking and having a chat. The camera goes around the large lobby and shows (in close angles) the carefully maintained photographs and portraits of previous Presidents of Dhaka Club.

Zahid Kamal is the senior person (with a nicely maintained moustache) and Shaheen Ahmed is the younger gentleman (clean shaved).

Zahid Kamal (ZK)

Shaheen Ahmed (SA)

[ZA looks at SA] Want to sit in the lobby?

SA - What about Billiards?

ZK - Good idea! But I haven’t played Billiards for quite some time ….

SA [laughing] I can’t play it at all! I just enjoy being there and doing some PRACTICE with the long stick (he smiles gently)

ZK – You can’t play Billiards?

SA (smiling gently) - I wish I could. But I could never get the time to learn…. have always been too busy with work….

ZK – Really? I am surprised! Looks like you had a luxurious life… (he looks at SA from top to bottom…. An appreciative look ….. he takes time and slowly inspects the entire dress of SA from top to bottom [his expensive dress is captured by the camera in close angle. The camera takes its time to show how expensive and well maintained his entire dress is]

SA (smiling again) – I look like as if I am having the greatest fun in life, as a matter of fact I AM TOO BUSY TO ENJOY LIFE - IN THE TRUE SENSE OF THE TERM!

ZK – Really? I find it unbelievable. I didn't know that. Really, appearances are deceptive!

SA – You are right! Absolutely right… life is a story of hard work

[As they are talking, they are gently entering the Billiard Room]. There is an empty billiard table and they approach that table…..

ZK – So why haven’t you taken another job?

SA – There are many reasons.

ZK – Main reason?

SA – No employer in Bangladesh can afford to pay me my right price… well …. they CAN afford, but they WILL NOT

ZH – REALLY? And how much price is that?


ZK - Tell me, how much money is big money?

SA - I never thought about it. All I know is ‘BIG MONEY’ (he looks directly at the eyes of Zahid Kamal and produces a slight meaningful smile)

ZK - Young man, if you think you deserve BIG MONEY, you need to know the exact quantity, you need to know the meaning of the word ‘PRECISION’

[Now they have started playing billiards…. Not really playing, but it appears that they are playing. Actually they are just moving around the table and talking]

SA - I don’t have that time.  Why should I spend time doing some calculation that is of no use?

ZK - At least you will know….

SA - Know what?

ZK -    ….. Know your own value

SA - No need for that, if ever the time comes then I will calculate

ZK - Hmm, (smiling) He holds his expensive pipe and looks at it, unfortunately it is a non-smoking zone. Then he talks slowly ...  Imagine that the time has come

SA - Why should I imagine? Who will pay for my IMAGINATION TIME? No need to daydream..!!

ZK - (slightly laughing) - Do you not daydream?

SA - Of course I do – but this exercise will take a L O N G  TIME

ZK - Take the long time, no problem, I am not in a hurry…

SA - But why should I?

ZK - Because I am requesting you to calculate your value

SA - Please tell me …  why?

ZK - Because I will seriously evaluate your calculation

SA - But who exactly are you?

ZK - You are playing Billiards with me and now you are asking me who I am? (he adds a mysterious and meaningful smile). I am sure you have heard something from Imtiaz ... I mean something about me ...

SA - All I know is you are a BIG Bangladeshi businessman living in Brazil

ZK - Correct

SA - And that your name is Mr Zahid Kamal

ZK - That’s also correct

SA - I don’t know any more than this ….

ZK - (Little smile) Are you CURIOUS to know?

[This time Shaheen Ahmed looks sharply at Zahid Kamal.] Earlier I was not much curious, but – now …. I am, a LITTLE BIT …

ZK - Curious?

SA - Yes, tell me a bit about yourself. Or do you want to know about me first?

ZK - No need for that, I know you quite well.

SA (he looks surprised) - Quite well?

ZK (speaks with confidence) - YES, QUITE WELL. I have researched you thoroughly, for the last 2-3 years.  Now I know you well enough to make a BIG DECISION

SA - Big decision?


SA - I am surprised! Can I ask what that BIG DECISION is?

ZK - Yes, I will tell you.  Today is the day.  Are you in a hurry?

SA - Well, yes and no …..

ZK - What do you mean?

SA - Well, I am always in a hurry.  Again I am ....always EASY. And LAZY ….. (he adds a little smile)!    …….. by the way….  COFFEE? 

[He looks away to see if a waiter is around]

ZK (a very cool man, but appears to be slightly impatient this time) - So how much time can you give me today?

SA – Depends.  It all depends.  It always depends.

ZK – Depends on what?

SA - For a businessman there is always one major factor.

ZK - (Smiling) Money?

Shaheen also smiles

SA - You got it! Money it always is, and money it will always be.... however, there are other factors as well ...

ZK - There's no need to discuss other factors; today I will talk about money. Do you have the time?

SA - Umm yes … go ahead

ZK - Looks like you have one or two questions in mind?

SA - How did you know?

ZK - Come on young man! I know.  I know….. look at my grey hair. I know everything (smiling by himself. As if he is enjoying the feeling)

SA (also smiling. Now he looks directly at ZK) Hair colour can be very deceptive ….

ZK - I like your smartness! And also your sense of humour.  Now I am curious to know how much…

SA - Meaning what?

ZK - The price of your time.  Remember, you told me just a while ago – you deserve big money… remember? You told me you would calculate your price when the time comes

SA - Yes

ZK - The time has come. Tell me now

SA - But who are you?

ZK - I am a simple man, only five feet six inches in height; I look like an average Bangladeshi man.  Actually – I am an average man, had average results and average records all my life.  Only one factor – Money I got in  life has been way above average.  I have the ability, yes, I am sure I have the ability to pay you what you want…. whatever you want

SA - Really? Whatever I want?

ZK - Yes, I am prepared but you are not! See, the difference between you and me?

SA - Are you joking?

ZK - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (surprised look). This question you have asked me is the biggest joke I’ve heard in my recent years. (He keeps laughing)

SA - No need to laugh like that.  You can’t pay me for what I am worth!!

ZK - (Kind of shouting) But how much?

SA -  38 million .... US dollars 

ZK - Did you calculate and quote that price, or is it just another sudden creativity of yours?

SA - Let that fact remain a mystery.  (Now he lowers his voice and says quietly) I prefer to keep some trade secrets…not tell everyone everything I know

ZK - Is that a trade secret? (He smiles mildly)

SA - Yes, it is. (SA is looking serious)

ZK - (as if he is talking to himself) US $38 million, not even Ziao Zhang gets that package.

SA - I don’t need to know that. I don’t need to know how much someone else gets…. I just know how much I deserve to get … for myself

ZK - Do you know Ziao Zhang?

SA - I don’t have the time to know him

ZK - It’s nor he, it’s she.  She is the CEO of Simtak Corporation of South Korea. Simtak is big, very big.  And Ziao  Zhang is the highest paid CEO in Asia

SA - How much?

ZK - 33 million

SA - That’s why I quoted 38. Exactly and precisely 5 million more than her

ZK - Do you think that is fair price?

SA - Oh yeah. Absolutely

ZK - OK, granted, agreed He extends his hands towards Shaheen Ahmed

SA - (with slight hesitation) Is this a genuine game?

ZK - Perfectly a genuine game, trust me.

SA - Trust you? I don’t know you that well.

ZK - No need to know…First of all know thyself, that’s what Socrates prescribed

SA - I know

ZK - Then try to know yourself a bit better.

SA - Why do you say that?

ZK - Because you deprived yourself of at least US$12 million, I was prepared to pay you up to 50 million …. provided that you asked for it (smiling again)

SA - Then can we change the package? (smiling)

ZK - Not this year.  You got what you asked for… May be next year, subject to good performance....

SA - Tell me about yourself

ZK - No need for that. 2 reasons – Number 1 – I don’t have the time and Number 2 – I try to keep a low profile.  That’s my personal policy.

SA - But, I need to know my employer. My BOSS (now he looks at his eyes)

ZK - My name is Zahid Kamal.  Everyone knows the world’s top billionaires.  Who would want to know billionaire number 176, living in Brazilwho is not even a Brazilian …?

SA - But many people know you (smiling)

ZK - So you knew me (he smiles as well)

SA - Little bit …. not much (he continues to smile)

ZK - I know I don’t look like a billionaire…. not at all ... I know that…. 

Every morning when I see myself in the mirror with the razor in my hand, I laugh at myself and think… this person does not even look like a millionaire … not at all….

SA - How do you know that?

ZK - I know that…. I know, young man, to be successful in life you need knowledge.  I don’t’ have too much knowledge.  I just apply what I know. I know few things, but I apply 100% of those few things….. BUT I have knowledge in only one aspect, you know what that is?

SA - Yes, I think so

ZK - Yes, I think you know.  But tell me anyway….

SA - Knowledge of self

ZK - Correct, that’s why I was prepared to pay you up to 50 million.  But you did not have the perfect knowledge of yourself, so you asked 38

SA - (looking worried) I will go home and try to re-calculate

ZK - That means you already calculated?

SA - Yes I did, very quickly. Very quickly, under pressure

ZK - I appreciate that.  You did a good job there..very quickly, under pressure (talking to himself) very quickly, under pressure….. I like that!

But you could have said – Not today I need time to think   …… by the way, now we must have something to drink… hot or cold? OR…?

SA - It's your choice ...

ZK - Definitely! A change of environment would be fantastic. I am enjoying talking to you. I knew you quite a bit, but never had too much time for interaction….I am pretty sure I made a good decision

SA - I think so. You will not be disappointed. BUT I don’t want to promise you too much.

ZK - That’s fine… I appreciate that. I appreciate your honesty as well as your modesty. 


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City Centre - the tallest building in Dhaka [as on 2/11/14]

Image: Khondkar Rifat Hossain (Wikimedia Commons)


Both men can be seen through the crystal clear windows of the car. It’s a serious traffic jam and all vehicles are almost stagnant.

In Dhaka over 70 – 80% cars are chauffer driven. Shaheen Ahmed also employs 2 drivers for his two cars, however, sometimes he drives the cars himself, especially when there is one or more VIP (s) with him.

Through the window you can also see the Dhaka high rises, most of which have recently been built. The camera shows the skyscrapers from various angles.

The car is progressing slowly (extremely slowly) due to the traffic jam. This is a typical phenomenon in this mega city. It appears that the entire city is stagnant.  The situation is almost UNBELIEVABLE.

ZK - (Looking at his golden wrist watch) So this is life in Dhaka?

SA - Unfortunately - yes. But when you have a nice car you have a mobile air conditioned living room (smiling)     [there is a pause]  Sales of cars are climbing, non stop.  Everyone who can afford wants to buy a car ….

ZK - Why?

SA - Number one - status symbol. Other than that, what else can you do? There is no train, buses are also stuck in the traffic. Other than that, buses are too much overcrowded. Most buses don’t have air conditioning either. In this extremely hot weather - naturally, the best choice is to have a car …..

ZK - And Ambulance? Once I saw an Ambulance stuck in the traffic…       unbelievable….

SA - Well…. That’s part of life over here. It happens all the time…

ZK- Oh… I can’t believe it! Ambulance stuck in the traffic… it happens all the time?

SA - Why? You didn’t know that?

ZK - (Embarrassed) No …..  I did not know that!

SA - When was the last time you visited Dhaka?

ZK - Last year, in June.  But only for 4 to 5 hours.  I went from Dhaka   Airport only to Hotel Radisson, just to attend a meeting. I was on my   way from Hong Kong to Dubai…. I was here to have a meeting      with Imtiaz and his management team. The entire time was      spent    in the hotel. We had a pretty serious meeting in the hotel when I       decided to make an additional investment in Rupsha Group. Other    than that, some of my old friends came to Radisson to see me.

SA - How frequently do you come here?

ZK - Only once or twice a year - no need for me to be here.   All of my    operations are outside Bangladesh… mostly in Brazil,       America,     Canada, UK, Dubai, India, Hong Kong… and…. and….   South Korea      (our operations in Seoul is pretty significant)

SA - But now you are here! Looks like you have some BIG plans…???  

ZK - Oh Yeah! BIG job this time. MAJOR DECISION. Recruiting my Group CEO … to be precise. I think, I think…. it’s time to invest in Bangladesh. SHONAR BANGLA


SA - Do you have any investments here?

ZK - Very little. I only have about Tk.20 crore in Rupsha Group     

Big amount of money is expressed in Bangladesh not in terms of      millions, but in crores. One crore Taka is approximately US$125,000       

[Tk 20 crore that Zahid Kamal has invested in Bangladesh is    approximately US$2.5 million = ]                       ]

SA  Rupsha Group…..  I believe you made that investment just to test the   waters….?

Rupsha is the name of a river in Bangladesh.    

ZH - Exactly! I invested part by part. 5 crore,  5 crore then 10 crore

SA - And how has your investment performed?

ZK - Excellent!

SA - For example?

ZK - The first Tk 5 crore more than doubled in five years

SA - So, what can you conclude?

ZK - Well of course the credit goes to Imtiaz.  He is the driver.  In every     organisation there is only ONE driver, credit always goes to the him…. or her ….

SA - So you are saying the credit goes to MANAGEMENT, not the general economic environment?

ZK - Well, a positive market condition, the available infra-structure and    general economic environment is the canvas, the available paints and       the brushes, where a good quality manager draws a beautiful picture….

SA - And teamwork? Don’t you believe in team work? Isn’t it a team of managers?

ZK - Oh yes! Teamwork is a must.  But the DRIVER builds the team. He or she changes the team, organises and re-organises the team, he or she is   the captain, the pilot – the leader - the dictator, whatever you wish to call…..

SA  I like the word CEO (gently smiling) (He looks at ZK, then quickly he looks out through the car window.  A modern tall building can be seen in the background. Shaheen Ahmed looks up, all the way to the top of the building……the camera follows his vision, the building is shown from the ground floor to the extreme top (Quietly he talks now, as if he is talking to himself) A short and sweet word, CEO …. 


Image: AIRMALTA - Steve Fitzgerald (Wikimedia Commons)
Image: Rio de Janeiro - bisonlux     Source: Flickr via Wikimedia Commons


It is inside of the Business Class cabin of an Air Malta Boeing 720B, very soon to land at Rio de Janeiro, previously the capital city of Brazil.

The entire city is seen from the sky as the plane takes a circular route around Rio at approximately 15,000 feet above sea level.  The weather is perfect - clear and sunny. The time is around 10:30am.

The bird’s eye view will cover a lengthy 40 seconds (this long time should allow the movie viewers to relax and see Rio in the big screen from the sky). 40 seconds is a long time in any movie. It will be one uninterrupted long shot covering the natural beauty of the beaches of Rio. The viewers will feel as if they are all gradually descending towards Rio de Janiero. In the background is a beautiful soft piano music that is played inside the aircraft. Finally the plane touches the airport. The buildings and many other planes in the ground can be quickly seen through the plane’s window as the aircraft rushes ahead on the runway.



A white Toyota Lexus drives an executive to an office building in a natural area away from the Central business district. Viewers will have no problem in understanding that this is the executive (wearing a navy blue suit) has just arrived at Rio.

The Lexus keeps moving and travels a bit. In the background there is a mountain. What can be seen is a gorgeous tall white office building with expensive glass on one side of the building.  This landmark building is known as Magenta Centre (sign in front of the building entrance) and it is situated in beautiful natural surroundings. 

A tall and handsome man aged 38 years with a slightly dark complexion gently makes his way out of the Toyota Lexus. He enters the building and takes the lift. He is carrying a laptop as if it is his briefcase. Coming out of the lift, he takes a left turn, smartly walks through a long corridor and then takes a right turn. He enters the boardroom.  It is a very luxurious looking boardroom with expensive furniture. This is a room reserved for the top level executives of Magenta Corporation.

Just facing the door is Silvia Rivers, aged 34 years.  She is a skinny lady wearing very expensive spectacles. She looks like an intelligent lady, the type of woman who reads quite a lot. Her heavy spectacles stand out, which appears to be a proof of her affinity towards reading. She smiles at the gentleman as he opens the door.

Silvia Rivers [SR] - Good morning, (quickly she looks at her wrist watch Oh! Almost afternoon…!)

Romario Candotti [RC] -  Good morning, he looks at his wrist watch as well. Oh yeah, IT IS still morning.  (He smiles at Silvia). How have you been?

Romario Candotti is a highly paid and respected Magenta executive, and the Director of Marketing.  He travels frequently as part of his job. Out of 365 days in a year, over 200 days are spent overseas. He is back from Europe after 8 or 9 days.

SR - (She adjusts her glasses) So how was the trip?

RC - Good! Business travel is always good, this time I also visited Denmark, after 3 years. Denmark was not in my list, but it just happened. Lots of things have changed… over there, I mean in Denmark.

SR - Which city in Denmark?

RC - Copenhagen, it was a wonderful experience! I made some good friends …

SR - And business? Have you made some good business?

RC - Is this your question or are you asking me on behalf of Mr Kamal? (he smiles and looks meaningfully at Silvia)

SR - (smiling)  It is MY question, a natural question, and naturally a question from ME.

(Both of them are Brazilians, But Zahid Kamal, their CEO has established a culture of English language as a medium of conversation within Magenta)

RC - (smiling) If it was your natural question, you would have asked me this in Portuguese language ….. am I right?

SR - (now she asks the same question in Portuguese) Made friends or made business?

RC - There's no need to ask that kind of question.  What a true businessman does all the time is business (he loosens his tie knot slightly as he mentions this).  PURE BUSINESS.  In other words, whatever a businessman does is business

SR - So this social conversation we are now having is business?

RC - Social conversation? Ha Ha Ha…. are we having a social conversation? Romario Candotti never has any time for any social stuff. Social conversation – that you will find in FACEBOOK AND TWITTER (he does not smile much, a serious type of man)

SR - So what about the friends you made in Denmark? Are there also some girl friends?

RC - All kinds of friends. They are friends for business purpose.  Business associates for the future …… (he takes time as he talks) some will do business after 2 weeks ………. some will do business after 2 months ……….(he pauses as he thinks, he is seeing something in his imagination)

SR - And some will do business after 2 years, right?

RC - That’s exactly right.  Now I am impressed! By being in touch with a FAMOUS CEO you have really learned some business. Oh yes, definitely!

SR - Oh yes, definitely! That is right.  But never expect that I will engage in business with you, never!

RC - Never? (he looks at Silvia, appears to be serious and also surprised)

SR - Never, never. Friendship is friendship and business is business.

RC - And what about relationship? And family? (he looks sharply at Silvia). A true relationship covers everything, love, care, business, parenting, everything, everything….

SR - (quickly she gets up, slightly blushing. She heads towards the swinging door) I need to order some coffee.

RC - Not for me. I already had 2 cups since morning.

SR - You know what I think? I think you need 2 more cups. I am sure you are still sleeping … talking about relationship and family and that kind of thing right in the middle of the day! (Now she laughs naturally and properly, directly looking at Romario).

RC - Silvia, let me tell you something. I really believe you need to be practical (he pauses) Oh! Why is it so difficult to find a practical woman?

SR - Are you saying you are still doing business? (Now she produces a meaningful smile)  Everything that you are saying are famous business quotations?

RC - Silvia, you have a learning need.  Remember this – and mark my words, LIFE IS BUSINESS. If you can truly understand this, you will be a practical person. Also remember, every practical person is supposed to be a happy person.

SR - Oh! I didn’t know you were also a kind of philosopher!

RC - Now let’s talk some real business. What’s the latest news about our boss?

SR - Mr Kamal is out of touch for long 9 hours. God knows what he is doing now.

RC - Out of touch for 9 hours! Are you kidding? I need some really important decisions. I was going to call him right now.

SR - Can you not make those decisions yourself? Remember what Mr. Kamal always says? Make decisions yourself as much as possible – that’s the only way you will grow

RC - I do not wish to make a major mistake. These decisions will amount to huge losses if not right ….

SR - Is our CEO a computer? Does he not make mistakes?

RC - Well, I am sure he does make mistakes. However, it is HIS money and therefore he can easily absorb the failure. HIS decision making error and HIS money lost….. correlates perfectly!

SR - Why do you say HIS money? Is it not our money? Do we not own Magenta? Remember what Mr Kamal always says – you own the business. Take ownership of the business. Treat the business as if it is your own….

RC - Yeah, of course I take ownership of the business, but I am careful not to make a major mistake in decision making – especially where big money is concerned

SR - Romario, you need some more courage….I have told you this before, remember?

RC - (He looks sharply at Silvia) Is this a business related comment or a personal comment?

SR - I don’t know. You should know that…(she looks out through the window. It has just started to rain. The lush green leaves of the tree are gently moving). A yellow butterfly is flying round the round through the leaves.

RC - (smiling very lightly). I know why you are making this type of comment. Silvia, you need to understand one point. A gentleman is always a gentleman. He is always very polite and courteous…. he does not want to show too much courage ….

SR - (stands up and gently walks towards the window. She looks out and takes about 20 seconds). I don’t believe this. A gentleman is a gentleman all right, but there are times when he should be slightly courageous….

RC - Not everything can be communicated verbally. Isn’t there a thing called body language? Or ….. language of the eyes?

SR - Quit your job and start writing a novel – OK? (she turns around and laughs meaningfully, looking at Romario). Now tell me this – what’s the meaning of language of the eyes?

Normally Silvia Rivers looks quite ordinary; however, she looks very attractive when she laughs. Overall, she is a very natural person. She does not draw your serious attention at first sight. You like her more and more as you continue to see her frequently. Women of this category keep drawing attention and admiration with a combination of natural beauty, behavioural characteristics, charm, intelligence and style – i.e. total personality). A billionaire CEO like Zahid Kamal has selected the right person as his PA. Her father is from England and her mother is a Brazilian. She was educated at Stanford University. Over 22 years of her life was spent in England, so she has more of an English accent when she talks.





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Image: A bird's eye view of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Author: Khan Minhaz Imran (Wikimedia Commons)

Zahid Kamal and Shaheen Ahmed are entering the lobby of Hotel Radisson (This is a large and glamorous hotel close to the airport at Dhaka)

Shaheen Ahmed looks straight ahead while Zahid Kamal looks around and up to explore the beauty of the large lobby of Radisson.  The camera follows that, as it shows the entire lobby area slowly and thoroughly.  A smart young lady approaches Shaheen Ahmed – they nod at each other (they knew each other previously)

Zahid Kamal and Shaheen Ahmed proceed towards the front desk.  The manager comes forward and looks at ZK.

ZK – Can I ask one question - why do you never have any accommodation available?

(The camera quickly shows Shaheen Ahmed in close angle and he is smiling at this question)

Front Desk Manager: Sir, this time of the year is a very busy time.  Other than that, our VIP suites are usually booked well in advance.

ZK: How much well in advance?

Front Desk Manager: That question is difficult to answer, usually 2 – 3 weeks, at least!

ZK:  Hmm, OK, do you have a conference room available now?

Front Desk Manager: For how many people Sir?

ZK: Don’t worry about the number of people, do you have a nice conference room with a whiteboard?

Front Desk Manager: Only one conference room is available now, but it is a large one, with 48 seats

ZK: Available right now?

Front Desk Manager: Yes Sir, it’s available right now.

ZK:  Good

Front Desk Manager:  Sir, how long do you need it for?

ZK: (He looks at SA quickly. There is some kind of communication between them, that was very quick. Then Zahid Kamal looks at the Manager again) I am not sure. It can be for just one or two hours …. it can even be 6 hours… or more …

Front Desk Manager: Sir, this is a large room, the minimum time is 3 hours, the 3 hours will end at 8pm.  Here is the price list…

ZK: (Looking at the price) It’s too expensive! Such a high price …. in Dhaka?

Front Desk Manager: (smiling gently) Sir, do you permit me to make an informal comment?

ZK: Of course, go ahead

Front Desk Manager:  Sir, this is entirely my personal comment – actually it is a question …. does this price really matter to you?

ZK: (smiling. He looks gently at the young manager and keeps smiling). I know what you mean. By the way, have I met you before?

Front Desk Manager:  No Sir

ZK: (slight smile) Do you know me?

Front Desk Manager: Yes I know you Sir. I saw your photos and visited some of your websites….

ZK: Hmm (he takes a 3 second pause and looks at the manager) Then you should also know that I count every TAKA, every penny, every cent, I count my money all the time.

Front Desk Manager: Sir, there is so much to learn from people like you.

While this conversation is going on, 2 more Hotel Officers have gathered at the counter.  Both are smart young ladies, they are curiously looking at Zahid Kamal (ZK is now the centre of attention - they are not sure who he is)…..

[There is something in the way Zahid Kamal talks that attracts people…. It may be his expensive dress, it may be his personality or his relaxed manner all the time. He makes people feel at ease and talks in a direct and confident style. Added with all that is his smiling face, as if the world is free of all kinds of problems]




Jamuna Future Park.JPG


Jamuna Future Park, located in Dhaka, is one of the largest shopping malls in South Asia. It is the 11th largest shopping centre in the world [as of 2/11/14]. Wikipedia.

Zahid Kamal and Shaheen Ahmed are having coffee at the Boardroom.  There are only 2 people in the large conference room inside Dhaka Radisson.

Shaheen Ahmed picks up a samosa and dips it in the chilli sauce.   He is enjoying this time of his life. His dream is coming true.

Zahid Kamal is typing a letter on a laptop. He looks at Shaheen Ahmed

ZK: So it’s US dollars 38 million including all bonuses and incentives, 24 million plus 14 million in incentives, total 38.  He presses the calling bell.  An attendant arrives, ZK pulls out the USB stick from the laptop and tells:

2 copies please.

Attendant – Sir I can connect the laptop to a printer right here.  We have a printer in this room.

ZK: Oh that’s good.  Please print 2 – actually, make it 3 copies

Attendant:  OK Sir


The 3 copies are presented to ZK.  He signs all the 3 copies and passes 2 copies to Shaheen Ahmed.  Please sign both copies, keep one copy for yourself and give me back the other one.

Shaheen Ahmed takes his time to read. Zahid Kamal does not rush. He is cool, relaxed and patient. He sits in a relaxed manner and plays the role of a KEEN OBSERVER. He is deeply observing every single move of his new CEO.

ZK looks at the Attendant.  That’s fine.  Thank you.  We will have a meeting now.

CUT - RESTART                             

The two men are shaking hands.  The handshake is shown in a close up shot

ZK: (Sits in a relaxed fashion and looks at SA) Now, let me tell you my situation. I am actually on my holidays.  Next I am going to Darjeeling.  After that I will go to Mumbai, still a holiday, but there will be some business as well.  And then I will be heading towards London, our European headquarters.


ZK: I will need to have a long meeting with you.  Probably 2 or 3 days in a row, just the two of us.  However, I will call the other top managers and get everyone in one place so that they can formally meet you.  I want to make it look like a grand celebration, with only a selected few people. The only exception is – I will not invite any journalists. It will be our internal – I mean in-house celebration. I mean at home, away from home. All of us will be away from home …..

He pauses now and looks at Shaheen Ahmed

SA: Yes?

ZK: Where do you want this meeting to be?  Darjeeling, Mumbai or London?

SA: So your holiday is not a REAL holiday?

ZK: For a true business man, there is no such thing as a REAL holiday

Shaheen Ahmed now starts laughing.  He was unable to control laughing this time. I fully understand that – because the situation is the same here. Never any holiday.

ZK: Again, every day is a holiday.  He smiles meaningfully, directly looking at SA. So – Darjeeling, Mumbai or London?

SA: That should be your choice ….

ZK: How soon can you be ready?

SA: I am always ready.  Actually, if I can just have 2 days to complete some serious pending work …..

ZK: OK then, Darjeeling will be the place.  He switches on his mobile and makes a call.

CUT - RESTART                             

A beautiful female face can be seen on the big screen.

DN – Good evening Sir …

It is the beautiful face of Deepti Narayan.  At only 29 years of age she is the Country Manager of India. Other than India, she covers Pakistan, Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi.  She has a trademark dress - she always wears a one colour silk sari.  This time it is bottle green colour sari with pink pearl jewellery.    

Deepti looks more like an Indian film star than a business manager.  It appears that she is in the corporate world just by accident. ‘Beautiful’ and ‘stylish’ are the two exact words to describe her.

ZK – Hullo Deepti, how are you?

DK – Fine Sir – and you?

ZK – I am OK. What’s your schedule for the next few days?

DN – Nothing special Sir. Just the routine activities. But I will be traveling on Saturday – to Dubai. And then on Sunday to Abu Dhabi.

ZK – Hmm, that schedule will have to change. Saturday and Sunday the two days – plan to be at Darjeeling.

DN (surprised. Her face is captured in full screen in a close up shot) Darjeeling! You mean … Darjeeling, in India?

ZK – Why – is there a Darjeeling in any other country?

DN (blushing, she is now embarrassed) No Sir, I mean – Darjeeling is a place for holidays….

ZK – Oh yes, you are right! We business people, don’t we deserve a holiday?

DN – Sir…. Will it be just myself or ….

ZK – Oh no. All Directors will be at Darjeeling. Only I will not call Santos. He will continue with his work in Mexico and Venezuela. Other than him all Directors will assemble at Darjeeling. (He now looks at Shaheen Ahmed) One piece of news for you – don’t get surprised OK?

DN – What news?

ZK – You will meet your new CEO

DN – New CEO? (she was sitting in a relaxed fashion, now she stands up all of a sudden) Sir, are you retiring?

ZK (smiling. ZK found the comment quite funny. Now his face is shown in full screen) Deepti, tell me seriously, do you think I will EVER RETIRE from business?

DN – No, I can’t picture that. Then? How is there a new CEO?

ZK – I have worked hard enough. I will just take it easy now and watch you people drive the ship in the windy and turbulent ocean…it will be fun to watch… (smiling again)

Deepti Narayan now starts walking. She has a very big room with a beautiful red carpet and expensive paintings on the walls. She is wandering through her room as she is talking. When you see Deepti, you will feel like sari is the most beautiful dress in the world. She has a fair complexion with long shiny black hair. Any colour sari suits her perfectly.

DN – Sir, are you busy?

ZK – No, not at all. Why, have you got a question?

DN – Actually, I am just curious….

ZK – About what?  (10 seconds pause) I think I know what you are curious about. I know you young people, I know exactly how you think…

DN – (laughing now. She could not control laughing) Sir, I can’t argue with you …..

(There is a 20 seconds silence)

ZK – About the new CEO, right? He is a Bangladeshi man. Age? As a matter of fact I am not sure exactly how old he is …. Surely he is in his 40’s (quickly he looks at SA)… may be even 46 or 48 or even 50. I don’t know (smiling again). Actually there was no resume or CV in the recruitment situation (smiling again)

DN – Without a CV!

ZK – There are rules in life, but there are many, many exceptions…. Anyway, I will not tell you much. There will be a formal introduction session at Darjeeling. All I can tell you is that he is a businessman…. Or … a manager I should say, like me. He should be OK for Magenta, I think….

DN – OK Sir, will I start making bookings at Darjeeling? (Deepti has quickly switched back to her professional mode and occupied her seat, ready with a pen and paper)

ZK – Good question! That’s the main reason I called. Make it for 11 people, including yourself. A hotel or resort in naturally beautiful surroundings, OK?

DN – OK Sir. And a videographer?

ZK – Look Deepti, all of these decisions are yours. Please book a flight from Dhaka to Kolkata and then to Darjeeling for myself and let me know the details. I prefer to be there on Saturday sometime in the afternoon…. OK? And also please send a text to Silvia now and communicate the entire message. It’s too early in the morning at Brazil. Give her a follow up call later on. I will send her an e-mail later on in the evening.

DN – OK Sir.

ZK – OK. Thanks. See you at Darjeeling on Saturday.


IMAGE: Darjeeling, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

By Judith, originally posted to Flickr - 2008 [Wikipedia].


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