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A resume is usually between 3 to 4 pages in length. It is designed to reflect your abilities, qualifications and experience as accurately and as clearly as possible. A resume aims to attain one major objective:  to get an interview.

It is a good idea to have a resume reviewed/ written by a professional. There are experts who have specialized in the careers field. A professional resume writer has excellent writing skills, varied experience, thorough knowledge of the job market and a deep understanding of employers' needs. Moreover, he/ she has a superior marketing and selling skills, which will be utilized to highlight your abilities, experience and qualifications to a prospective employer/ recruiter. Your resume will show you in the best light, therefore, you should expect to get more job interviews. 



Ideally, every job application should be accompanied by a cover letter. A cover letter should contain a summary of your background, skills, qualifications and experience. In addition, it should specify reasons why your application should be considered. A well written cover letter will influence the employer/ recruitment agent to read your resume. Therefore, a cover letter is essentially a well presented 'SALES' letter. At Career Design, you will receive a free standard cover letter if you have taken a resume, which is a minimum of 3 pages in length. A tailor-made cover letter will cost you an extra amount, and this will depend on the position you are applying for.   With an Executive Resume, you will receive a standard cover letter irrespective of the length of the resume.

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Resume + cover letter US$50 | Attractive and effective | Quality assured

Resume for professionals   US$90        [Standard cover letter included]

Executive Resume   US$160              [Standard cover letter included]


Telephone consultation (apprx. 20 minutes) included in the price.


There are 2 payment methods 

1) PayPal

2) Direct credit to our Australian bank account


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STEP 1    Client sends an e-mail to Career Design International attaching his/ her resume

STEP 2    Career Design Intl. sends a quote by e-mail along with alternative times available for a telephone consultation

STEP 3    Client accepts the quote and confirms a suitable time for the telephone consultation

STEP 4    The consultation is completed on the due date and at the scheduled time

STEP 5    Client makes the payment either by direct credit or PayPal

STEP 6     The resume is e-mailed to the client according to the schedule agreed earlier


NOTE 1:   If the client does not have a resume, relevant information is collected through e-mail and also during the telephone consultation.

NOTE 2:   Bank account details are notified to client by e-mail (i.e. for direct credit).

Should you wish to proceed, please send us an e-mail attaching a copy of your resume.



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professional resumes that win interviews 





Resume + standard cover letter US$50

You will also receive an article on 'INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES', available exclusively to Career Design International clients.

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You will have to specify the subject and your particular requirements. You may wish to provide footage/ video clips of your choice, otherwise your movie will be created with content available in the internet. We will also add background music suitable for the movie. You will own 100% copyright. OUR PORTFOLIO: To evaluate the quality of our videos, you may visit our YouTube channel Lemontree where there are 76 films available for viewing. The best videos (as examples) are:

Around the world in 80 hours 

Bangladeshi musician visiting Bangladesh 

A musician visiting Colombo 

A musician visiting Nepal

We are aiming to attract clients who wish to create a number of videos one after another to build/ grow their YouTube channels/ Facebook/ Instagram pages. This offer may also be attractive to clients who need corporate videos for training, internal communication or for promoting their businesses/ brands. 



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GET SET FOR SUCCESS | The first step in the career planning process | Abdur Quaderi | Career Design

This is a YouTube video. The name of the channel is Career Design. This video is part of my e-book THE CAREER FOR ME, soon to be published in this page. 

GET SET FOR SUCCESS | The first step in the career planning process | Abdur Quaderi | Career Design

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Can you see the horizon?

Can you see the blue sky?

Trust me

You can go as far as you can see

ONLY If you can have BIG MONEY

There is one important question though ...

How can one make big money?

Life is too short

So you need to live well + travel well

You need to make good decisions

You need to go fast

You have to be a super career driver

A quick decision maker

And an effective learner

You need to know what to learn

Why you have to learn, when to learn

And how to apply the NEW KNOWLEDGE really fast

You have to think fast, act fast and keep learning

Keep learning all the time

Because the world is changing fast, so you also have to keep learning fast

And learning continuously ( + seriously )

To make BIG MONEY in the future

You have to DREAM BIG today

And right now, start thinking .....

How to make it big?

It has to start with THINKING

Our modern life is full of action

There is too much work, anxiety, tension and frustration

Life has to be managed well

Balanced well, perfectly nicely


So, this is the formula for your success: CONTINUOUS THINKING + CONTINUOUS PLANNING (WITH MODIFICATIONS) + CONTINUOUS LEARNING ...... = YOUR CONTINUOUS JOURNEY TOWARDS SUCCESS ___________________________________________________________________

Thank you for watching this video. There will be more to come in the future. Career Design International


How to 'live well'?   1) Maintain work life balance      2) Lead a disciplined life

Meaning of 'travel well' - Travel as much as possible. Know many places, meet various types of people. Learn other cultures (and also languages, if possible). You will have a broader outlook. You will know the world differently than most people.

Meaning of 'super career driver' - Manage your career through a career plan. Learn the basics of the subject 'Management'. Remember the words 'analysis', 'flexibility' and 'accuracy'. Your career plan will need to be reviewed and modified from time to time.

1st October 2020


..... sponsored by Career Design International



I am writing an introduction just for today, this is actually as a matter of formality. A long 19 years have passed since 2001, when I wrote the real introduction for this e-book. I had a dream about this e-book. ..... that this would be one of the best books on the subject of CAREER, if not 'the best'.

Why am I writing another introduction today? Just because many years have passed in the mean time, and it's just natural that I should have a few more things to include in my introduction. 

These are the things that I have to add - 

1) This book was originally planned for publication through Amazon Kindle, and as intended, someday it will be there. Just not now, as if I don't go this way, this book will never be completed. Never at all. So, better follow this path, write a bit today and another bit some other day .... One day I will have told everything that I knew about the subject of CAREER. On that day this book will REALLY end. 

2) If I publish my book in my own website, I will be free to write in my own UNIQUE style that I enjoy using to express myself. You as a reader will fully understand what I am saying and what I am trying to say, as you understand English (and that's why you are reading this book!) Most of my friends and well wishers enjoy my PERSONAL style of written communication, which you will soon get used to. Well let me make it clear right now instead of keeping you in the dark. I write in the shortest possible way. But I ensure that all the information is contained in my essay/ article ... etc. I don't write one extra word if I feel it is unnecessary. Basically, I write TO THE POINT. That is probably the reason I have made a place for myself as a professional writer using the English language. I am equally proficient writing in Bengali (also called Bangla), however, most of the money I made in life has been through written communication in English. 

3) Although the main subject is career, many other aspects of life will be shown in this book. This is simply because career is just one part of life. I often remember a female client of mine (in Australia) who was once in my office and while we were having a consultation (which turned to kind of a social conversation), she could not control her emotions and broke into tears, like a school girl. She was a middle-aged career woman who possessed immense potential and I had just appreciated her good qualities required for career success. Long story short .... (as she was weeping and repeatedly using a handkerchief,) she told me she did not get the support from her family members ..... shall I call it a short story of a career consultation or of life complications instead? She also told me that when it comes to the subject of career, men and women compete on a surface that is not even ... unfair competition, that's what she really meant .... I have many such stories in my memory bank. Every consultant has a bag full of real life stories.

4) I am sure most of you know how a movie is made? It is not how we see a movie on screen. The movie sequences are shot one after another, NOT IN SEQUENCE. I mean not in the right order. Shots are taken when the actors/ actresses, managers and/or technicians are available. Finally, the movie clips are arranged in proper order during the time of editing. This e-book will be just like that. Actually it is incomplete. The subjects are in my mind, still unwritten. I have written many articles which are published already. These articles are part of this book. I will bring them all here to consolidate. At one stage I will re-arrange them in proper order. This book will be completed right in front of your eyes (if you continue to keep an eye on it) ....

You may think, why was this book left incomplete if it was supposed to be really a good one? Well, all I can say is life for an entrepreneur is tough and challenging. TIME IS REALLY HARD TO FIND. There were stages in my life when I had time, but then I did not have other resources ... Or may be I had other priorities or other bigger problems to solve ....

Once upon a time in my life when I was in a light mood, I wrote a very short and simple poem -



I have this 

But I don't have that

I have a cricket ball

But not a cricket bat


In real life situation, most people are employees. They have heard stories that relate to entrepreneurs, but it is very difficult to feel how entrepreneurship is, actually. Unless you really become an entrepreneur, you will never understand entrepreneurship....

"Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches"!

5) Last but not the least. I love experimentation. This characteristic is typical of most entrepreneurs, not just myself. I wanted to experiment whether an e-book could be really popular originating just from a website.... ? 

Let's see what happens next ....


NOTE: I have maintained the Australian way of writing, i.e. the British spelling style. 

_________________________________________________________________________________________Written sometime in 2001 



As an overseas management professional, I entered the Australian job market in 1994. It was my assumption that it would take no longer than 2 months for me to get a suitable job. I was kind of confident, if not over-confident. I had studied as an MBA student in American business schools for 4 years (on and off) and worked there for over 3 years, had an excellent management/ business development career in Bangladesh for 7 years. I thought my chances (in Australia) were PRETTY GOOD….

But there were big surprises waiting for me. This was not the world, this was not America, let alone Bangladesh. This country was Australia. This job market has its own rules and practices that appear to be seamless. Rules and criteria that are perfect or at least, near perfect.

My job-search campaign was well planned and organised, so I thought. In a direct mail style, I mailed 3 lots of job applications and each lot had at least 10 applications. I waited for the results to come through. I was relaxed and cool. Once in a while, I read some books on ‘interview techniques’, visited the libraries, met some Australian people and did some shopping. I also bought some nice business shirts and ties, suitable for the incoming job interviews.

During that time I was 34 years old, smart and efficient, had a positive attitude and was highly motivated to succeed.

With dreams in my eyes, I was carefully studying my new country. I was getting prepared for my new career in Australia. I was excited and looking forward to new opportunities …

Any interviews?

No. Unfortunately not. Not one job interview. Out of about 30 applications, I received about 3 or 4 replies. “Thank you for your interest, unfortunately it does not meet our criteria at this point of time” was the usual response. 10% - 14% response, just a courtesy reply to an application, that’s all. That gave me an initial idea about the Australian job market. I realised something was missing somewhere. I realised, no matter how smart I thought I was, I had a real learning need. I had to learn. Learn fast. I needed to learn thoroughly and effectively.

I guess I had learnt appropriately. Three years later, I registered a business by the name of ‘Career Design’, a job-search consulting business. Initially it was a hobby turned into business and I was operating the business part-time, in addition to a full-time job. Today the business looks promising ….

I could probably carry on and on and write in my own informal style, the story of my Australian career. But that is not the purpose of this book. This book was planned to assist the vast majority of Australian jobseekers who find themselves helpless and highly vulnerable. I have known these jobseekers from a very close angle, as I have been their consultant in job-search. I know exactly how they feel. And that’s exactly how I felt myself, several times, time and again, in the past ….


I’ll tell you why. The Australian job market is limited. As a matter of fact, very limited. Permanent jobs are scarce. There are too many jobseekers competing for very few office jobs. Competition is intense. This gives the employers a natural (but unfair) advantage. It’s certainly the employers’ market. They set the rules, they bend the rules. Australian employers control the job market. Thoroughly and comprehensively.

I believe I am a suitable person to write a book such as this. One reason for that is -  I had about 52 or 53 jobs in my life. At the moment I am only 41, therefore, based on past records, I might get involved in another 15 or 20 jobs (realistically) …..  As the famous quotation goes, “TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION” and the truth was just that. I had sold myself to 52 or 53 employers in the past. Employers in USA, Bangladesh and Australia.

Getting a job is very difficult – yes. But, viewed from another angle, it is not that difficult. It’s simply a matter of effective communication combined with the application of sales techniques.

Sales?  Of course, yes. It is sales.

It starts with planning and organising, then it involves advertising, followed by selling. Pure, old fashioned selling. But overall, it is marketing. Because the term ‘marketing’ is not clear to most people, I will keep it simple and repeat my favourite word ‘selling’.

That’s the job-search part. The other part in this book involves the search for an alternative employment – and we all know the name of the term. It is SELF EMPLOYMENT – another path that leads to making money.

The career for me – is the name of a choice, choosing the right alternative. Do I need a job or a business?

I have already mentioned about the imbalance in the Australian labour market. I have also described it as an employers’ market.

Australia needs entrepreneurs. It needs people who will start new businesses and turn their businesses into successful enterprises. That way the imbalance may be neutralised. Firstly, these people will provide themselves with a full-time permanent jobs, and then, by turning their businesses into profitable enterprises, they will be able to create new jobs for other jobseekers.

Yes. There is a choice. Do I want a job or a business? What is the career for me? I don’t have to feel helpless. I can take control of my career by deciding to become an entrepreneur. And if I can learn how to ‘manage’ a business, I have got a career for life...

That’s one of the intended messages of this book.

It may also be viewed as a book on micro business management.

But basically this is another book on job-hunting. A practical book on money making – or, I should say, a book on exploring how money is created.

But, besides being a job-hunting book, it is an Australian book. A book on Australian business, workplace culture, events and trends.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book.    


The following article is a part of the book THE CAREER FOR ME


Everyone has a resume, but how many job seekers have one that is accurate, attractive and effective? A resume that an employer/ recruiter enjoys reading?

May be there is one job opening and 100 job applications. The HR Manager/ Recruitment Consultant has a very difficult job to do. He/ she is a busy person and now the best 4 candidates have to be interviewed. This organisation wants to be fair. The best 4 candidates need to be called in for an interview.

Now, out of 100 resumes, how much time do you think your resume will receive? Will it get special attention? WHY?

I am not writing as a writer, I have been in the position of a Manager/ recruiter in many situations in my past. I have also spoken to many managers and recruiters, read numerous articles/ books on these subjects and spoken to at least 3,000 job seekers who have been my business clients. I am writing from my own experience. 

Usually (and initially) a resume receives only 2 or 3 minutes of time. It's unfortunate, but it is a reality. In that 2 or 3 minutes, your resume needs to grab the attention of the reader. It needs to stand out. The big question is - HOW?   

Your job search will become easy if you understand the basics of the subject MARKETING. There is a term called marketing campaign. Imagine that a company has manufactured a new toothpaste, the name of which is SIMPLE. The company management is very excited about this product as they have invested a lot of money to create a unique product. There is no toothpaste in the market as good as SIMPLE. Now the BIG problem is - how to communicate the features and benefits of SIMPLE to the marketplace? Surely a consumer will benefit by using SIMPLE. The product is really good and the price is unbelievable. But how will the consumer know this important message?   

Now let me come back to you, the job seeker. You are the product. You are trying to find a suitable employment for yourself. A position has been advertised and you can definitely do this job. I am just giving you an example - you are a university graduate, knowledgeable, can use the mobile phone and internet very easily. You have a lot of friends and you can easily relate to people. You are a good communicator. You are hardworking, very enthusiastic and highly motivated. You want to tell the HR Manager about all of these good qualities, if you get an opportunity. The problem is that you are not getting that opportunity, which is known as the JOB INTERVIEW. The question is - why are you not getting job interviews?   

There may be many reasons, however, one common reason is that your resume is not good enough. It must be attractive enough to quickly impress the reader. It has to be a good quality document. A good quality resume represents YOUR quality. Remember, your resume is not a just list of what you have done and what degrees you have. IT IS YOUR ADVERTISEMENT. It is your most important marketing document. In other words, it is a document that has been very carefully written, with a view to MARKET YOU.   

My experience tells me that most job seekers never knew this. They have never seen a resume as a 'marketing document'. They thought it was an 'information document'. As a matter of fact, other than business students, very few people in the society really understand the subject of 'Marketing'. I wish everyone had a basic knowledge of marketing and sales. Then everyone in the world would have been a bit more cautious, a little bit smarter and of course, a bit more happier. Fortunately, you will understand a lot of marketing and sales just by reading this book. By starting with an example of a toothpaste called 'SIMPLE', I guess I have already made the right kind of INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING!

There was a time when a significant number of my clients used to come to my office to collect a hard copy of their newly created resume. Although there was an option of receiving their resumes by e-mail, they preferred to physically visit my office to have a look at a printed copy of their 'newly created resume.' There were few benefits to them -

Firstly, they could view their resume in a hard copy format, which is the preferred way and much more convenient

Secondly, my main printer was of a very high quality

Thirdly, clients could request me to make slight changes, which, they knew, would be done instantly while they were in my office

Fourthly, they would pay me cash/cheque when they were fully satisfied

From my side, I had no problem with that. Being a people person, I also enjoyed the interactions. As a matter of fact, I also preferred that clients would come to my office to collect their resumes, because when I delivered the documents, I was absolutely sure that my project was 100% completed with full client satisfaction. Also, from this session, I received a bonus. INSTANT CLIENT FEEDBACK.

Some clients took a long time to read their resumes and I could see the excitement in their eyes and body language.

"Why did I not come to you 4 years ago"?

"Why did I not meet you 3 months ago ....... [the time period varied, but the message was uniform. ]

My clients used to say things like "Oh, I wasted so much time applying with a sub-standard resume.... "   "Oh, I wish I realised earlier that I needed a professionally written resume ...."   [there were numerous such comments, all having the same kind of messages and/or expression]

Another reason why people write their own resumes is because it gives them a sense of pride. They know that they can write their resumes themselves without any professional assistance. I admit this is true, but only for a small percentage of people. Majority of the job seekers don't know that they are just taking an unnecessarily longer time without a justified reason. What they don't know is that getting a job is also a numbers game. 

What I do mean when I say 'a numbers game'?

Again, I will give you a real example. This is a post I posted very recently in LinkedIn:

REFERENCE: LINKEDIN NEWS [THREAD] How can job seekers stay motivated?

COVID-19 has made our lives very difficult and therefore, there has been numerous responses from job seekers from many countries. The summary is 'job hunting is extremely stressful. It is very difficult to remain patient, calm and focused .....'

This was my response: 


Depending on where you are conducting your job search (i.e. COUNTRY), your AGE, your gender, your occupation, your profile and the strength of your resume, there are some statistics that you should take into account.

Why did I use capital letters for COUNTRY and AGE? Because these 2 are the most critical of all factors. I know the situation of 2 countries thoroughly well and the situation of another country quite well. For example, let's take the example of Australia. And I will also talk about FULL-TIME office jobs, as these jobs are subject to a lot of competition.

Especially at this time (October 2020). And I am also assuming that you have a good resume:

AGE 20 - 30        20 applications        1 interview

AGE 30 - 35        25 applications        1 interview

AGE 35 - 40        35 applications        1 interview

AGE 40 - 45        45 applications        1 interview

I hope you got my message. You need to see the practical world and just keep applying non-stop. If you wish to use the word PATIENCE, that's justified. I will say 'BE KNOWLEDGEABLE, ANALYTICAL & PRACTICAL'.

The third reason why people don't take professional help. This is most common and this underlines our main reality of life - 'financial constraints'. There are so many necessities of life and so many other priorities that to get a resume professionally written is ALMOST A LUXURY FOR MOST PEOPLE. 

Right now I am probably taking like a salesperson, but I will say, YES, you need to invest some money in this situation. At least once in your life time, you need to go see a career professional. 

Why do you need to speak to a career professional?    Because your job search campaign is JUST LIKE a marketing campaign. Your objective is to find the right type of employer for yourself. Remember, chances are very much that there is an employer in the job market who is looking for someone exactly like you. Someone who has the same type of qualifications and experience, skills and attributes. Someone who is willing to accept the same type of salary and agree with terms and conditions that are OK with you. How will you discover that employer? You need to understand marketing techniques and you also have to understand the dynamics of the job market.   

Think about it - how much money have you already invested in yourself? You are a machine that will make money and if you start counting (like I do as an entrepreneur-manager), you have invested a lot of money already. (YOU means either yourself or your parents). Whey not spend a little bit more to get a good resume? Remember, this not spending money, we are talking about investing money.

True, there is no end to investment for career development purposes. However, you really need to understand which investment is most important....   Let me ask you a direct question - do you need a CV reviewed/ written by a professional?    Yes, you do, provided that the professional has a good track record and the service is something that you can afford. Your benefits may be summarised with the following bullet points:

Your resume will reflect a clear picture of yourself, your skills, attributes and expertise

You should get more job interviews 

Your interaction with a Career Consultant will make you more knowledgeable and better prepared

Time spent on your job search should be reduced

You should have a good quality document that will require continuous improvement in the future

Remember, the smartest people invest in their own careers. They invest money in continuous learning, career development and self improvement. That is simply the reason why they grow fast.